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Think Outside The Box


USA – At local home improvement stores, people have been asking for leftover moving boxes; but one store worker would like you to consider the practicality of boxes that “hold still”.

In moving sixteen times in the last 40 years (and being one of those people who actually enjoys doing so) why not help make your move a rewarding experience instead of a frustrating one.

Whether it be to another home in the same community, an in-state move, or a cross-country relocation – there are important considerations that should be thought about and discussed with everyone involved.

Start off with some of the basics! What type of weather do you enjoy? Do you like four seasons, primarily cooler weather, or only warm to hot temperatures year-round?  Have you thought about what kind of landscapes you like? – And not just the one you grew up in or live in now! Do you like mountains, plains, oceans, lakes, rural areas, or heavy populated areas like big cities?

With those things in mind – what type of recreation and entertainment do you enjoy? Such as: fishing, boating, concerts, movies, restaurants, shopping. There are numerous places in throughout our country that have wonderful and interesting recreation and sports to become involved in.

Some important decisions you will have to make is whether you are willing to move away from long-time friends and family, there are pro and cons for both! You will also need to calculate the cost of living in the areas you are thinking of moving to and what are the levels of their state taxes, if you plan to keep some money in your pocket.

Make sure the place you want to move has excellent healthcare, hospitals, and doctors. This is especially important if you are beginning to feel a little old!

Next, and becoming more important in recent years than in the past, is the area or state you are moving to aligns with your political views and preferences. In other words are their U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives supporting views you would like to be governed by.  Check into what party controls their State House of Representatives and State Senate and who is currently their Governor.

Another important decision in selecting an area to move into would be making sure there are churches or synagogues to meet your religious preferences. Various choices exist throughout our country and even more quite different if moving into another country.

There are so many things to consider (and many more not mentioned) when moving – and maybe after thinking about all the above choices – you would  prefer to stay where you live  – which is also a very good choice for many people.

So while you are thinking and contemplating all those choices you can think about this… A poll taker in one of these areas asked me how most people would feel about America moving further to the right. My answer was, “Well, if nothing else, it will make flights to Europe shorter.”

-S.L. Goens

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